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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Authentic Seacoast™ Unveils New State-Of-The-Art Distillery & Brewery

Guysborough, Nova Scotia – Authentic Seacoast Company celebrated the Grand Opening of their new state-of-the-art distillery and brewery today with family and friends from the local community, across Canada, the United States and around the world.

The largest craft distillery/brewery in Atlantic Canada and the only such operation on its oceanfront golf course in the world, the facility’s footprint spans more than 22,000 square feet and comprises three buildings including a hospitality room, still house, brew hall, milling room, packaging hall and warehouse. Together with the existing buildings developed by Authentic Seacoast over the past decade, its operations now encompass more than 30,000 square feet of buildings in Guysborough.

The new facility represents a significant increase in Authentic Seacoast’s craft brewing, craft blending and distilling capabilities, allowing the company to produce more of its award-winning Rare Bird™ Craft Beer, GLYNNEVAN® Whisky, Sea Fever™ Rum and Fortress™ Rum.

The increased distilling production is a result of the acquisition of modern stills. The still house accommodates three copper stills made by Vendome Copper & Brassworks of Louisville, Kentucky, one of the oldest providers of stills to the United States distilling industry.

The new brew house is proud to continue Guysborough’s history as the birthplace of brewing in Atlantic Canada.  Facility capacity has increased by more than 12x in order to allow Authent Seacoast to keep pace with growing demand for its Rare Bird Craft Beer in the Maritimes and export markets.

When it came to the facility’s design, all efforts were made to blend in to historic Guysborough. “Our intention was to reduce the impact of the structure on the streetscape, make it more interesting, yet achieve the functional goals of the facility,” says Authentic Seacoast Proprietor Glynn Williams. “These are wood structures with cedar as the cladding material, which is a traditional form of local construction.”

Reclaimed building materials from the local community were also used as much as possible. The hospitality room’s massive fireplace was constructed with recovered granite and hemlock from our recently renovated Rack House #1.

The Williams Family played a key role in the distillery’s design and aesthetics. The hospitality room’s chandelier was designed by Glynn Williams, art exhibited throughout the building draws from his personal collection, and oak pegs inscribed with the Williams Family names join the building’s heavy timber frames.

The new distillery brings together Authentic Seacoast’s™ vision of creating sustainable jobs for the local community and increasing tourism for Guysborough and Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. “Today is a big day not just for our company, but for the entire community,” concludes Williams. “I am extremely proud of all the hard work everyone has put in to make this dream a reality.”

The new Authentic Seacoast™ distillery and brewery is now open to the public. Tours and tastings are available at 2pm throughout the summer and by appointment during the winter months.

About Authentic Seacoast™ Distilling Company

Authentic Seacoast™ Distilling Company produces small batch, craft blended spirits including GLYNNEVAN® WhiskyFortress™ Rum and Sea Fever™ Rum at its distillery next to Osprey Shores Golf Resort on the historic Guysborough harbour, and is part of Authentic Seacoast Company, which includes Osprey Shores Golf Resort, historic DesBarres Manor Inn, Rare Bird Pub, Skipping Stone Cafe & Store, Full Steam Coffee Co., Harbour Belle Bakery, Authentic Seacoast Brewing Co. (makers of Rare Bird™ Craft Beer), Glanbùrn Artesian Water, Authentic Seacoast Soaps and the Authentic Seacoast Store.

About Authentic Seacoast™ Company Ltd.

Authentic Seacoast™ Company's vision is to restore the proud trading legacy of a seacoast village in Nova Scotia and to create jobs in the community on a sustainable basis by producing and sharing high quality products and experiences that are authentic and memorable. Authentic Seacoast™ Company embodies the fresh sea air, industrious people and proud determination that has kept this special place by the sea alive over the past four centuries.

Read more about Authentic Seacoast Company at: www.authenticseacoast.com

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Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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